Looking to Sell Your Home?

Selling your home is a mix of strategies that include exposure, pricing, staging, showing and negotiating offers. I am here to help with all of these factors and more. The world of marketing a home is continuing to change, and I am on the front edge of these changes.  I want you to get as much money for your house as you can, while making it an enjoyable ride to get there.

Selling Your Home

The process of selling your home is quite simple and can be enjoyable and exciting!

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    One of the first things I will do is schedule a walk-through with you at your home. I walk through over a hundred homes a year and I get excited when I have the opportunity to use this experience and knowledge to my clients' benefit when assessing their home. Within a day after the walk-through, I will contact you so that we can discuss my analysis of your home and explore some different options of pricing.

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    List Your Home

    When you feel ready, we will set up an appointment to list your home.  We will walk through some paperwork and agree on a pricing and timing game plan. The actual time it takes for me to get your house on the market after this appointment is minimal. My processes are extremely efficient, and in many cases, it only takes less than a day, assuming that we have planned ahead for pictures. This is a good time to state that i will never make you fell pressured or under the gun to make a decision.  If you're not comfortable, neither am I. Once it is listed, we will expect the phone to ring from agents of eager buyers lining up to see your property!

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    Receive Offers

    When an offer comes in, we will take time to discuss it and make some well thought-out decisions.  There are essentially 3 options when an offer come in: accept as written, counteroffer, or ignore.  A service that I provide is that with every offer, I will draw up a document I call a Net Sheet.  This Net Sheet will show you, within a close range, what your "walk-away" proceeds will be once the transaction closes.  I would never want you to have an unclear idea of what your proceeds would be, and I wouldn’t want you to have any unpleasant surprises.

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    Work Toward Closing

    During the "pending period," there will be a number of activities that will take place and I will be in frequent communication with you so that you won’t feel behind or overwhelmed.

    • A home inspection will likely be scheduled by the buyers' agent within a few days of an agreed-upon transaction.
    • An appraisal will be performed by an appraiser that is hired by the buyers' lender.
    • A well and/or septic evaluation will need to be performed if applicable. This is an item that is the responsibility of you, the seller. The price of these items will be figured into your Net Sheet.
    • A processing of the buyer's loan. This is going on as the other items are completed.

    Please don’t fret at all of these actions needing to be taken.  I know it can seem daunting, but I’m here to help and to make this process fun and exciting.

    Once all of these stipulations have been completed, we will proceed to a closing at a title company of our choice. The standard timeframe for this pending period is 5 weeks, but can vary due to the type of loan and the amount of stipulations that need to be overcome. I will continually monitor the process to be certain that the timing of the closing is something that fits your plans for moving.

Tips For Selling Your Home

Over and over again, I have seen sellers leave money on the table because they don't feel the need to have their house in the best shape it can be.

Does this mean that every square inch of your house needs to be updated and perfect? Absolutely not.

While having updates and nice finishing will undoubtedly increase your asking price, I am more referring to making the very best impression of what you have. When we get to a point where I walk through your house, I will make you aware of any changes that could be made to increase the appeal. Some may cost you, and if you are on a budget, then we will figure out the best way without spending money. We will look for any "low hanging fruit" that will help the saleability.

What's My Home Worth?

A great place to start when considering a move, is to simply know what your home is worth in the current market. Feel free to use the form below if you would like me to contact you with an estimate of your home’s value. Of course, this is just an estimate. To actually pinpoint the value, I need to walk through it and see and measure it against the climate of the market in your area.